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The CASICOTTON TDADING Company was registered in United Arab Emirates in 2022, under registration number 1812626. Our company is involved in the distribution of cotton produced in Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan). Our average annual sales volume is 35-40,000 tons.
Sergey Kunitsyn, Director
«Our aim is to maximize introduction of high quality cotton from Central Asia into the international textile market with honesty, openness and mutual respect with our partners.»
Our competitive advantages are:
High quality of Central Asian cotton.
Wide assortment of cotton grades, classes and types.
A deep knowledge of the Central Asian market and extensive work experience.
Representative offices in all the republics of Central Asia.
An established system of reliable partnerships with cotton suppliers from the region, with a direct supply of cotton from producers to consumers.
Highly professional employees.
Our Services
  • We invest in the growth and primary processing of cotton in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan;
  • We own a cotton ginning plant with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year in Tajikistan, in the North region;
  • We can offer cotton for delivery from warehouses in Central Asia, Latvia, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Georgia;
  • We have a wide network of international logistics service providers, which allows us to supply cotton to any destination our customers request, using road, rail and sea transport;
  • We carry out multistage quality control of cotton using manual (classic) and automatic valuation methods using HVI equipment, involving international WIS and SGS inspections to control the cotton quality;
  • We sell cotton both at fixed market prices and "On call" - linked to the prices of futures contracts.
Ginning factory
Tajikistan, Sughd region
Cotton market quotations
Cotton #9
All futures contracts
for Fri, Jun, 9th, 2023
All futures contracts
End of Day Market Prices
Quotation "A" index:
Contract Last Change Open High Low Volume Open Int
May '21 82.44 -1.09 83.53 83.71 81.91 15536 94098
Jul '21 83.52 -1.08 84.60 84.75 82.94 9813 52343
Oct '21 81.12 -0.95 0 18
Dec '21 80.38 -0.94 81.22 81.48 80.00 4062 66711
Mar '22 80.00 -0.91 80.89 80.89 79.60 429 7404
May '22 79.80 -0.78 80.57 80.57 79.28 174 1419
Jul '22 79.41 -0.69 80.09 80.09 78.80 262 3344
Oct '22 76.86 0.16 0 0
Dec '22 75.31 1.01 73.90 76.00 73.68 222 4274